Thursday, 13 October 2011

Reflection for Architectural Design

1. What have you learnt in Semester 2?

I have learnt about how elements such as textures, design, colours affect a building's architecture and how unique is the building. Also, I learnt what are the conditions for it to  have good design.

2. Difficulties Encountered

The software used was difficult to use. Google Sketchup frequently lags when I want to edit my model or navigate around it. This caused time to be wasted when I wanted to do my work. I was also quite unfamiliar with the software.

3. How did you overcome them?

I had to be patient when doing up the model. I had to look around at the functions of the software and learn how to use these functions for my model.

4. How do you think you can do better?

I think I can have better time management when doing this project. I also should have considered more factors in my design when constructing the model, as I had not really thought about the dimension of the model. This made my model to be a little out of proportion.

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