Thursday, 7 July 2011

What makes a good Architectural Design?

-Materials: The structure that is designed must be not be excessively decorative. The materials used should influence the form it is is used for.

-Simplicity: Its aesthetics should be without considerable/excessive ornaments, simple geometry etc.

-Artistic and Self expression: Ones creativity and imagination

-Regionalism design value: The building or structure should be designed in accordance with the characteristics of the specific place, aimed to achieve visual harmony between a building and its surroundings.

Example: Pinnacle@Duxton

Materials: The materials used were appropriate to house people. The materials were also used and innovated with to solve the problem of housing.

Simplicity: The buildings have simple geometry, ie they are rectangular shaped only. The building only uses trees and greenery for decorations, which is not only simple, but environmentally friendly.

Artistic, Self expression: The design was inspired by circuit boards. The design portrays creativity and is unique.

Design Value: Surrounding buildings are that of high rise buildings, which does not really make the Pinnacle stand out from the surrounding buildings. Comparatively, the Pinnacle was not placed in another housing estate (eg. clementi) as the building would stand out.

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