Thursday, 14 July 2011

Group Consolidation

Criterias of good architectural design

Aesthetic aspect

-Should look simple, yet beautiful. Materials used should not be excessively decorative. Building a complex building is useless if it is an eyesore.

Environmental aspect

-Due to the environmental issues, the building should be sustainable and environmentally.

Space aspect

-Small countries like Singapore have lass space, so the building should be multi-functional to save space.

Examples of good architectural design

Eg. ADM in NTU. Good architectural design, the building has unique shape. Environmentally friendly, as grass is used to cover the rooftop to lower the temperature of the building and surrounding area. The rooftop is also a functional area for celebration of festivals like Lantern Festivals.

Group Members: Daniel Pei (11), Tan Jing Heng (20), Wee Ren Chang (21)

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