Thursday, 18 August 2011

T3W8 Work (Done by: Eunice, Jit Sheng and Ren Chang)

Q1: Illustrate with examples what would you see in the design of a building that you would consider it to be unique.

-One of a kind

This is a house inside a house, one of the first to be built. inside, is a ancient house restored and another house is built around the ancient house.


This is a stone house or cave. It is built using the concept of stones, rocks and pebbles. This kind of building style is special and different from others, unordinary

-Special Features

This building may look normal and not very unique, but in fact it is very unique. Its features are special. It is a replica of Earth and can be
self-sustained. This building will also be provided with water recycling and air-purifying (or “self-breathing”) gardens as highlighted components. This living, breathing building operates in a similar fashion to the Earth itself, providing energy, recycling water, and providing sustenance to its occupants.

Q2: Illustrate with examples how does colors affect the look and feel of a building (exterior/interior)?

Yellow, orange and red are associated with the heat of sun and fire; blue, green and violet with the coolness of leaves, sea and the sky. Warm colors seem closer to the viewer than cool colors, but vivid cool colors can overwhelm light and subtle warm colors. Using warm colors for foreground and cool colors for background enhances the perception of depth.

Color is light and light is energy. Scientists have found that actual physiological changes take place in human beings when they are exposed to certain colors. Colors can stimulate, excite, depress, tranquilize, increase appetite and create a feeling of warmth or coolness. This is known as chromodynamics.

This building above is very colourful and is bright. This would make people feel warm and more relaxed here. compared to an all dark and dull coloured house.

Q3: Illustrate with examples how does lights affect the look and feel of a building (exterior/interior)?

-Pale, soft color schemes tend to give the illusion of more space.

-"Cool" colors usually gives the feeling of serenity.

-Wall sconces or a countertop lamp will add warmth.

A wall sconce is the lamps surrounding the frame on the wall.

Q4: Illustrate with examples how does texture affect the look and feel of a building (exterior/interior)?

•Definition of textile: How the surface of an object feels.

This implies that texture is merely a tactile consideration. However, when you see something which feels rough, even if you dont directly touch it, your mind still recalls all of the times in the past when you have touched rough objects, and in a small way you relive those experiences. This means that texture has an effect not only on the way a room feels, but also on the way it looks.

-Concept #1: Weight. Rough, coarse textures make an object feel heavier. Smoother textures will make it feel lighter.

Example: A polished white marble floor will feel lighter than hardwood paneling, even though it is in actuality much heavier.

Tip: Those objects which reflect more light will tend to feel less heavy.

-Concept #2: Shabby chic decorative style - everything is painted the same, and texture is used to create contrast.

Example: Off white walls with elegant moldings and textured finishes

•How to use textures in Interior Design

(Texture 1)

Texture 1 uses the concept of putting a texture onto a plain-coloured wall. This makes the wall look more interesting.

(Texture 2)

Texture 2 uses a wood to create a wall. This is different from a normal wall, because of the texture used. It is rougher than a normal painted wall, so it looks more rugged.

•How to use textures in Exterior Design

(Texture 4)

(Texture 5)

(Texture 6)

The above 3 pictures show some of the different textures used for the outside of the building. They are of different smoothness, and thus will create different feels for the building in question. For example, Texture 4 has a more elegant feel because of the smoothness of the texture, while Texture 5 and 6 will have a more rugged feel because of the roughness of the texture.

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